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Why Choose Us?
We've been around for a while so you can count on us. We are a reliable lender that it's worth building a relationship with. We will be there to support you for years and decades to come.

Simple Application
Everyone one of our customers loves our simple application. It's a breeze to complete and doesn't ask many questions beyond what's absolutely necessary for us to be able to justify lending you the funds. Not like bank loans where they want a complete biography of your life.

Fast Transfers
Banks are notorious for slow transfers, sometimes even demanding that you accept a cheque from them. We have fast transfers that usually arrive within a business day and often in just minutes.
How Do They Work
Submit The Application
In order for you to submit the application you'll need to know your SSN, you'll have to find your driver's license, and you'll have to decide how much you want to borrow.

Confirm Bank Account Information
Once you've completed the application, you will want us to confirm your bank account information so that your funds arrive in a timely fashion. We'll also take the opportunity to confirm your employer's pay schedule so that no NSF fees are charged from a bounced payment.

Funds Transferred Directly
We'll put the money you borrowed right into your bank account so that you have access as soon as possible.

Pay Off The Loan
On the next date that your employer is scheduled to deposit your funds we'll pull the payment from your account.
When To Get A Loan
Income Matters
Before you figure out how much you want to borrow you should take into account how much income you will have to pay back the loan. If you are going to only have $200 coming in then borrowing $200 will be a bad idea since it will cost more than that including interest. Besides that, we will never lend more than 50% of your after tax paycheck and we'll never lend more than $500.

Immediate Matters
Only consider a payday loan to be a viable option if it's an immediate matter you're concerned about. If you have cash available right now, don't get a payday loan -- try and conserve your cash and you may find that you can last all the way to your next paycheck without having to pay any interest at all, which is a big win for you.

If you're facing a temporary income setback then we can be of help. If you think it might stretch out to months or longer then you should be re-evaluating your situation.

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